Best Games Without Internet

Sometimes it can be helpful to take a break and focus on something enjoyable – and these mobile games are the ideal solution when WiFi access is unavailable or data usage needs are being managed effectively.

Grand Theft Auto can now be played on an iPhone without an Internet connection, offering up its sharp satire and flawed characters for you to enjoy while traveling or relaxing at home.


Bejeweled is an engaging puzzle game to enjoy without an internet connection, making it one of the most beloved mobile titles available free for download on both Android and iPhone users. Play is simple: align gems of identical color in rows or columns and score points by matching gems – matching more gems means earning more points! The bejeweled franchise has enjoyed immense popularity due to this simple concept which continues to bring excitement with new modes and updates!

The new modes are absolutely brilliant, especially Lightning mode’s lightning-fast timed play and Poker Mode with electrifying special gems like Flame, Star, Hypercubes and Supernova adding to players’ options for increasing score. There’s even a diamond mine mode which combines core gameplay with an enjoyable digging mechanic for added difficulty and freshness for Twitch viewers!

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto (GTA), developed and published by Rockstar Games, is an open world action-adventure crime sandbox video game series known for its open world action-adventure adventure gameplay and immersive experience. GTA V is still considered the go-to title in terms of console console games a decade after it first hit stores.

The series is known for its expansive virtual cities, where players can freely roam its streets to engage in criminal activities like carjacking, robberies, and gun fights. A sophisticated social system also allows them to develop relationships with NPC characters whose relationships may change depending on player decisions.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor each possess distinct abilities which allow for the creation of distinct gameplay styles. When combined with an expansive open world environment, skill advancement opportunities, and plenty of missions – this game truly stands out as something special!

Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most entertaining and addictive 3D endless running games you can enjoy without wifi connectivity. It provides an engaging challenge as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs in search of ancient artifacts – using controls that enable you to turn, jump, slide and tilt the device in order to maneuver your character and collect power ups that help push further along.

Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova of husband-and-wife team Keith Shepherd & Natalia Luckyanova collaborated with Kiril Tchangov on its creation. Although free to play, players can buy coins within-game to unlock objectives or items more quickly. It has since inspired multiple spinoff games and even an animated Disney-Pixar film!

Temple Run 2’s sequel features a mining tunnel that changes how you control your character. Swiping down now causes him to duck, while tilting your device changes the course of his cart lane.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a freemium RPG game. Set in an expansive fantasy world, three factions vie for control of a force which empowers warriors with powerful attacks. Players start out playing as Legion using swords and hammers before switching over to Dynasty which uses more acrobatic fighting techniques and Asian weaponry such as nunchaku before finally Heralds with precise Japanese weapons such as Naginata.

Players advance by defeating computer-controlled opponents and earning in-game currency. There’s also a two-player Duel mode where players can collect armor, weapons, and abilities that will create their own combat style and look cool during duels.

This no internet game is ideal for anyone wanting to live out their Ninja fantasies without relying on data usage. The side-scrolling platformer features beautiful graphics and sinister music while its physics-based gameplay proves challenging yet entertaining.

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