The Disadvantages of Internet Use

The internet is a wonderful tool that has many advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. One of the greatest disadvantages is that we can become addicted to it. This addiction can cost us our social interaction, precious time, and even our productivity at work. We must be careful not to let this happen.


Internet addiction is a disorder characterized by excessive and uncontrollable computer use, which can be harmful to the individual. It has attracted increasing attention in the media and among researchers, and its prevalence has increased along with the growth of the internet and computer use. A recent telephone survey of the US population found that 4% of college students showed problematic internet behavior. However, the cause of internet addiction is still unclear.

Loss of social interaction with people

Several psychological characteristics have been associated with decreased social connection during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, extraversion has been shown to increase the risk of social isolation. Although extraverts started out at a higher level than introverts, they subsequently fared worse during the pandemic. Future research needs to explore the role of extraversion in loneliness.


Cyberbullying is a huge issue that is affecting many lives today. It disrupts a person’s peace of mind and can lead to depression and self-harm. It can even cause suicidal thoughts. It is a cruel act that tarnishes a person’s image and reputation. Even the slightest rumor can be enough to ruin someone’s life.

Sexual predators

The internet has made it easier for sexual predators to find their victims. They can search through thousands of profiles to find a young victim. Until the advent of social media, online chat rooms were the main means of communication between predators and victims. Unfortunately, this lack of privacy makes it much easier for predators to manipulate their targets into engaging in sexual activity without their consent.

Impatience with e-commerce platforms

When shopping online, you’ll most likely have to wait for the item to be delivered. Thankfully, e-commerce platforms like Amazon offer same-day delivery. However, you may still experience dissatisfaction after purchasing an item. For example, a clothing item may be made of shoddy fabric, not the quality described on the website.

Identity theft

The internet has made identity theft easier, thanks to online transactions that don’t require any personal interaction. Identity thieves can open up accounts in a victim’s name, change their email and mailing addresses, and run up big bills before the victim realizes what’s going on. They can also get loans in the victim’s name. While fewer people are falling victim to identity theft because of the use of credit monitoring and fraud alerts, the problem still exists.

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