How to Choose the Best Internet Provider

If you want to enjoy streaming TikTok or playing online games without experiencing lag, high-speed internet is essential – however not all providers are equal in this respect.

Verizon ranks highly among our ratings for internet providers, offering 5G home internet and fiber connectivity throughout most of NYC with speeds reaching 940 Mbps. Other top choices are Spectrum and Astound Broadband powered by RCN which offer budget-friendly cable internet solutions.

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Price can often be the main deciding factor when shopping for internet service, and rightly so since $5 or $10 differences can add up quickly. But before selecting an ISP provider it’s essential that you consider the needs and rates of each of your household members in order to select an ISP with which will deliver on performance and fit within budget constraints.

Your internet provider choice depends on several factors, including your location and desired type of connection – cable and DSL are popular choices while fiber may still be under development in certain regions. Also consider whether or not you would like bundled packages with TV and phone.

Spectrum offers stand-alone and bundle plans at competitive prices in New York City, and has one of the fastest download speeds nationwide. Additionally, Optimum fiber connections cover almost the entirety of NYC making them another good option.


Your internet speed determines what activities can be completed online. A fast connection, like fiber optic, allows multiple devices at the same time to stream HD videos while slower connections such as dial-up can only support basic tasks such as checking email or surfing the web.

200Mbps is generally considered fast enough to support most internet activities for most households. If you plan on using your internet for gaming, video streaming or working from home purposes, however, consider upgrading to a faster service plan.

Fios and Astound Broadband powered by RCN are fiber optic providers offering gigabit connections, while cable internet providers like Xfinity and Spectrum also provide this type of internet service. T-Mobile and Verizon both recently rolled out 5G broadband Internet in select areas throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bronx/Staten Island – satellite connections like Viasat/HughNet may also be available depending on where one lives in NYC.


An internet connection is an indispensable service, and you need an ISP that will deliver reliable connections. Look for providers offering multiple connection types, then compare quotes and speeds between providers until you find the optimal provider. Also be wary of hidden fees or additional services offered by potential providers.

Verizon Fios, Comcast Xfinity and Starlink Satellite Internet are among the best-rated internet companies, providing high speed connections and reliability at competitive pricing. Plus they provide bundle options and affordable bundle plans – you can select your perfect internet provider depending on your needs, budget and location.

Home internet providers that can best meet your family’s connectivity needs include those offering various connection types. If you frequently stream and play games online, for instance, gigabit speeds may be essential. Furthermore, be sure to understand your data caps and overage fees to prevent any surprises in fees later. Finally, factor in price of add-on services like TV or home phone.

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